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Date:2018-12-22 12:05:11

Coin Logistic Universal

Why a Coin Logistic Universal?

Coin Logistic Universal it's a new solution in the field of logistics, we took the advanced blockchain technologies  and applied them in our project.

The advantage of our project is the possibility of paying for transportation services in the near future.

Digitalization of logistics

More and more companies are aware of the need to use digital technologies in supply chains. 

However, in general, the level of logistics digitization remains stably low, and most logistics companies still use the usual channels of communication (email, phone, messengers), as well as quite outdated ways of goods movement: importer-dealer-retail network. 

To meet the requirements of customers, logistics providers have to master direct access channels to the consumer (preferably by means of machines), be able to process large amounts of data, exchange them with competitors and stakeholders, build a block, and apply hints from these arrays to make decisions for the future.

Blockchain technology is able to completely transform the cargo transportation industry by eliminating brokers and allowing transactions to be made directly between the parties using an absolutely transparent, distributed accounting program. 

As a result, shippers and carriers can conduct business on their own terms, within a network that is built on the principles of trust.

Blockchain can be exactly the technology that will solve all the problems of the freight industry.

1.You do not have to create a special profile on the site with the binding of your plastic card to it, all you need is a delivery address.

2.MOBILE ADAPTATION - no special action is required. All your actions, are to choose a logistics company and click on the button to pay for the service in the mobile application. Try it now!

3.The implementation of Blockchain in logistics will ensure the safety of data, protection of the repository of documents from hacking, eliminate the possibility of making changes in information about the progress of transportation. Such a system can definitely be sent and distributed. According to the life of the Trade Organization, such a solution will eliminate barriers by 5% and increase in total traffic by 15%

For everyone tomorrow, for us today!

It is not enough just to match the market, it is necessary to be one step ahead of the client's expectations, and such results can be achieved only thanks to the cooperation of man and machines.

*Name: Coin Logistic Universal
*Ticker: CLU
*Algorithm: SHA256
*Total supply:
*Premine: 4%
*POS reward: fixed 10000 CLU + 7% (yearly)
*Airdrop found: 1.000.000 coins
*Contracts for company: 10.000.000 coins
*Translate reward: 100.000 coins

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